Group coaching programs are one of my favorite passive revenue models and they are the one method I’ve had the most personal success with. The main reason they work so well is because of the one-to-many approach.

Being able to offer any of your information one-to-many versus one-to-one instantly offers you leverage and a higher revenue model for the same time investment. For example, if I get an e-mail in my inbox that has a question that somebody is asking me to answer, I will reply to that person but I will also post that reply as a blog post. This way, my knowledge will help many people versus just that one person that e-mailed in the question.

Group coaching programs are great because you get to structure the timing of them, the material covered and you can turn it into a self-study product when you are done. It is very important to choose a topic here that lends itself over the course of a week or a couple of weeks. This way, the value of content is higher and you can charge more per person.

What I do with every single group coaching program I deliver is record everything, document everything and sell that as an info-product when I am finished. This way, I’ve been paid to create a product versus creating the product on my own.

For example, if I sell 10 seats into a group coaching program at $200 per seat, I am earning $2,000 for that group coaching program. If I record everything and convert it into a self-study program, I can continue to sell it for $200 a sale and earn revenue from it forever. To get paid $2,000 to create a product is much better than not getting paid at all.