From Our Current & Past Clients…

“Erin Blaskie and her fabulous team have totally changed my life and business for the better. There is not even an ounce of overstatement in that — it’s the hands-down truth! From our very first call when Erin and I were determining if we were a good fit to work together, she has put me completely at ease. She and her team are highly knowledgeable, deeply skilled and always on top of it. I never have to follow-up with them; I know they will do what they say they will — on-time and well. As a solopreneur, this is completely invaluable. I wish I would have started working with them at least a year before I did! I can’t recommend Erin and BSETC highly enough!”

Anna Guest-Jelley, Founder | Curvy Yoga

“Erin, over the last year I’ve tried and failed three times to deliver a vision. In addition to the $$ I’ve spent, I don’t want to count the hours invested over these last twelve months as I struggled to deliver on the vision. Then, after days of searching online as I rallied myself for one last attempt, I found you. And you gave me Melissa. And now, finally, the vision is becoming reality. Melissa is fantastic. I sincerely appreciate everything she’s doing to work with me and I couldn’t be more excited to re-launch the website tomorrow. Thank you for the company you’ve built, the leadership you offer and your taste in the people you select to work for BSETC.”

— Seth Marlowe –

— Amethyst Wyldfyre,

It was Summer 2008 when Erin Blaskie first came into my life through a little Social Media thing called Facebook. She had a campaign going about getting “re-instated” because they thought she was not the real Erin Blaskie!

Without even knowing her, I fell in love with the authenticity of her campaign and her innovative videos showing the big wigs at Facebook that she was who she said she was. It was love at First Facebook Sight. I quickly understood Erin’s passion for helping business owners claim their place in the internet marketing world and so our professional relationship started.

Erin’s love and passion for internet marketing shows in everything she does, and her resilient conquest for futuristic ideas beyond what’s possible, it’s absolutely amazing. “Erin can make chocolate out of lemons.” – Her deep desire to help clients achieve goals beyond what appears probable is monumental, and her vast global knowledge of what’s next in the internet marketing world is something to be cherished and respected by those who know and love her.

Erin and her staff at BSETC has been helping me grow since 2008 to include the re-vamping and re-branding of my website, and full support from design to search engine optimization to social media multi-tasking and the list continues to grow.

Want to put a passionate and profitable internet marketing spin into your business life? Have Erin Blaskie by your side!

— Ali R. Rodriguez, Business Coach and Passionista Expert –

I just wanted to let you know that my project has been completed and I am very happy with the results. The team members were all very responsive and great to work with. Melissa even went so far as to create a tutorial and post it on YouTube when I had a question. I enjoyed working with you and we will absolutely come back to you when we have more needs. Thanks!

— Jay Tydlaska

“Wow!!! I haven’t even had a chance to finish up revamping the copy and I already received TWO submissions for strategy sessions from the new site and BOTH found me from google searches!! That NEVER ever ever happened to me before. People would sometimes submit for sessions, but they’d always found me some other “warmer” way…. (networking, article, media mention, etc…)”

— Jodi Hume,

“A few weeks after launching my blog, I knew it was time to get my email newsletter going.  I was on a tight budget, but knew I didn’t want to use a standard template.  So I asked my BSETC project manager if she thought they’d be able to do it.  They were.  Melissa knew exactly what questions to ask & nailed the design on her first attempt.  It’s exactly what I’d hoped for…can’t wait for the next project!”

— Bo Cordle,

“The team at BSETC is amazing. They are always striving to make every effort to bring so much more to the plate than other companies. The logo I had done was finished within a half hour, and looked sharp! The social networking was a snap, they even helped me write some of my tweets. Erin is an incredible energetic, intelligent and remarkable business woman.  Always on top of things and helping us all reach the heights we are aiming to reach.

— Kristen Lauter, Founder of Holistic Healers Academy

“Erin and her team were great! We had two websites with a lot of detail that needed to be up and running quickly. Both Trina and Melissa went the extra mile to get them done on time – now we’re taking seminar registrations easily and quickly. Thanks!”

From the Twitterverse…

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@AWyldfyre – Thx for all the tweets darlin!! The team did an AWESOME job for me!!

@e1evation – @mmangen Did I ever ask you if you’d seen @erinblaskie ‘s site? She’s another VA firm that rocks.

@jodihume – @MagicSauceMedia try @ErinBlaskie. Her team rocks. I’m sure she could help you!

@michfredericks – can’t hardly wait til tomoro night for my meeting with @ErinBlaskie –> check her blog if you need any Virtual assistance!

@ottawamortgage – New Twitter background done (by @bsetc). Next up – new blog and total website redesign! Yay.

@ottawamortgage – Loaded my new pix and some new projects to my VAs at #BSETC. Love how easy this is! Thx @ErinBlaskie

@Ali4Coach – #FF@bsetc and her amazing Leader of the Pack @ErinBlaskie for outstanding innovative ideas to better serve clients globally!

@CarolCGriffin – Highly recommend: #bsetc and team!

@bryanscolaro – If you’re looking to outsource, check out #bsetc

@NowHealing – New website is up! Thanks to the folks at #bsetc for making it happen on a technical level! Check it out:

@SharonKolker – @jameshutto I’ve worked with @ErinBlaskie and they are awesome!

@SharonKolker – @erinblaskie You & your team rock my world. Trina helped me with a big panic last night! You’ve done so much for my site. THANK YOU!

@jhaubein – @kristy_campbell I hear ya! @erinblaskie’s VA’s company helps me so much.

@jhaubein – Love working with @erinblaskie and her amazing team! Helped me get all organized and ready to have some fun at #SXSWi. Thanks!

@fagan_karen – @ErinBlaskie what a nice surprise I’m totally in love with BSETC!

@fagan_karen – Thanking her lucky stars for @ErinBlaskie & the team@BSETC!

@AllisonMaslan – @ErinBlaskie Look at this beautiful book launch page that BSETC created. They support my Blast Off to #1!

@AllisonMaslan – @erinblaskie. BETC did great work and greatly contributed to my book, Blast Off’s rise to number 1.

@LisaLarter – @ErinBlaskie and @TrinaLamarche thank you ladies for getting my 1ShoppingCart and Paypal connected – you guys are great!

@getstoried – @ErinBlaskie ha! my website looks great cause your team helped made it so. They’ve been great. onward :-)

@brjohnson2 – @nikibrown Talk with @ErinBlaskie about virtual assistant stuff! She’s awesome! #VA