The average in-house assistant will cost you approximately $25,000-50,000 per year depending on qualifications.  On top of this salary, you need to factor in office equipment, space, medical benefits, paid vacation and sick time.  On top of the cost, you also need to keep that particular position busy enough to justify the eight hour days, five days a week for fifty-two weeks out of the year.  For many startups, small businesses and even medium sized businesses, having someone in a full-time position just doesn’t make sense.

Enter the virtual assistant.

A virtual assistant is essentially the same as an in-house assistant but the key difference is that you only pay that person for the time spent on your actual projects.  You aren’t responsible for equipment, space, medical benefits, tax withholding, etc.  The virtual assistant is self-employed, just like you are, so they function just like any other business does.

We’ve been providing virtual assistance services for over seven years.  In fact, we were providing these services long before many of the other companies that exist today even knew what a VA was.

In the capacity of virtual assistant, we help our clients:

  • Format documents
  • Schedule appointments
  • Manage e-mail
  • Book speakers
  • Coordinate event details
  • Book travel
  • Article and press release distribution
  • Internet research
  • Transcription (audio and/or video)
  • and more…

If you are in need of someone to keep you and your business organized, let us help.

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