2012 is finally here! Are you ready to start your next big project? Are you excited about the possibilities that 2012 has in store for you and your business?

We’re ready to help YOU make 2012 your best year yet. In order to do this, we wanted to make an offer to you at the beginning of the year to help you really make an impact on how much you accomplish in the next 12 months (as you might have noticed, twelve months is not a long period of time and it’s even shorter if you are unorganized!)

Our team has helped our clients:

  • Host a virtual book launch and make it into the Amazon best sellers list
  • Organize a series of paid and free teleclasses
  • Launch a new WordPress site, integrated with social media
  • Finalize an e-book and create a virtual storefront
  • and more…

Our regular, not-discounted hourly rate is $50/hour. For this week only (until Friday, January 6th), you can purchase as many hours as you like for just $40/hour. That is a savings of $10 per HOUR which is huge! We haven’t had a sale like this in… well, I don’t know that we’ve ever had a sale like this!

Just to remind you of the guidelines around our pre-paid hours:

  • Hours roll over month to month and you have them until you use them
  • We bill to the minute and deduct time used from these hours on the 15th and last day of each month
  • You can request a detailed time report at any time
  • All of our services (except transcription) can be used under these pre-paid hours

When you’re ready, simply click the link below and on the screen that follows, enter the total that you’d like to spend.  For example, if you want 10 hours, you’ll enter $400 on the next screen.  If you’d like 20 hours, you’ll enter $800.

Please note: when you are checking out, you’ll see that it says “Enter donation.” This is the only option PayPal has that allows us to let you enter whichever amount you would like. We just didn’t want anyone getting confused with the wording on those pages as we can not change it.

Not Quite Ready to Commit?

I totally understand! Hiring a virtual assistant is not something you generally just “do” (unless you are already super clear on the projects you need to get done) so, let me make it even easier for you! If you aren’t entirely sure that a virtual assistant is right for you and your business, schedule a call with me to discuss it! It’s free and there is zero obligation and I have a no-hard-sell-policy which I enforce. I’ll tell you about our business, you can tell me about yours and we’ll see if there is a good fit.

To schedule that call, click here:

I have tons of open spots available this week and you can talk to me before making a decision AND still get the discount before Friday!