We’ve completely revised and updated our Delegation Workbook!

As experts on the subject of delegation and outsourcing, we have compiled a series of easy-to-digest tips into one guidebook to bring you the Delegation Workbook: Your Complete Guide to Working with a Virtual Assistant.

Inside of the Delegation Workbook, you’ll learn:

  • Why Does Someone Need to Delegate Tasks?
  • What are Some of the Tasks that I Can Delegate?
  • Who Should I Delegate These Things To?
  • 101 Things to Delegate to a Virtual Assistant
  • What is a Virtual Assistant?
  • What Should I Expect from My Virtual Assistant?
  • Working Out the Cost to Delegate Items

Plus you’ll learn how to take action outsourcing including:

  • Setting Goals
  • Identifying Skills Needed
  • Identifying Timelines
  • Communicating to Your Team Member
  • Tracking the Project

We also cover 30 different delegation ideas and provide tips and tricks on how to delegate the task effectively (educating you about the tasks along the way!):

  • Delegate Your Affiliate Program Setup
  • Delegate Your Website Changes
  • Delegate Your Internet Research
  • Delegate Your Customer Support
  • Delegate Your Info-Product Creation
  • Delegate Your Landing Page Setup
  • Delegate Your Article Submissions
  • Delegate Your RSS Feed Management
  • Delegate Your Transcription
  • Delegate Your Teleseminar Setup
  • Delegate Your Domain Name Management
  • Delegate Your E-mail Overwhelm
  • Delegate Your Social Media Activities
  • Delegate & Pass Off Your Scheduling!
  • Delegate & Get Your Contacts Organized!
  • Delegate the Rest of Your Administrative Tasks!
  • Delegate & Get Your Press On!
  • Delegate & Increase Your Visibility Through Content
  • Delegate & Put Good Backup Systems in Place
  • Delegate & Start Offering Teleconferences
  • Delegate & Make the Most of Your Teleconferences
  • Delegate & Increase Your Website Traffic
  • Delegate & Share the Love With Other Bloggers!
  • Delegate & Get An Ezine Out to Your Prospects!
  • Delegate & Start Building Your List!
  • Delegate & Put a Blog Automation System in Place!
  • Delegate & Launch Your E-Course!
  • Delegate & Start Using Online Video!
  • Delegate & Edit Your Audios Into Products!
  • Delegate & Start an Online Radio Program!
  • Delegate & Get Professional Graphics Made!
  • Delegate & Create Your Online Store!

This e-book is 61 pages of ABSOLUTELY FREE goodness!

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