Over the next few months, we’ll be showcasing entrepreneurs that are doing some pretty awesome things on the Internet and in their local communities. This interview is a part of that series.

An Interview with Sharon Pannone

1. Tell us a little about yourself, your company and your passion.

My company is Step-Forward-Coaching, creating it allows me to live one of my biggest passions each day, helping others understand how the The Law of Attraction works and how to apply it to their daily life. I love helping my clients realize that they are naturally creative, resourceful and whole and all the answers are within.

I have overcome many obstacles in my life and have walked through my own storms knowing they were allowing me to expand and become a better more positive me.

This attitude has lead many people in my life to say “I want what you have” so I started my company which allows me to co-create with my clients to help them live in the positive of their NOW which allows them to manifest and live their desires.

2. What is your start-up story?

I am in the process of my start up now, I walked away from a life that no longer served me and the vibrational level I am now living.

I am working with like minded people to make this world a better place and to create a ripple effect as I step-forward in my own life and business.

My clients are looking at improving their lives, they are wanting more, and they are searching for clarity. While I am still in school improving my co active coaching skill with CTI through January of 2011, I am working with clients, as well as booking my motivational speaking engagements at a 50% discounted rate.

3. What motivates you to get up and do what you do every single day?

I am motivated by life, the gift of helping others discover a new way of being. I love helping others to peel back the disbelieving layers that have built up over time, to discover who they really are and the power of their connection to Source. I love when they start to live in their “positive NOW” and ride the wave to manifesting what is is they want. The joy and energy of being apart of this stepping-forward for me, is why I am here.

4. What is your definition of success?

Success for me is a day filled with joy and happiness. When I am able to help others see just how magnificent they are. When I catch myself in a negative vibration and I immediately switch it to a positive and feel that energy shift. When I look around and see all those things I want manifesting in my life.

5. Who has been your biggest influencer?

So many but the top three would have to be Source which for me is God, Abraham Hicks, and nature

6. What has been your greatest business achievement to date?

Launching my website which my BSETC team helped me to create – I love it!

7. What are you working on right now that the world should know about?

I’m working on getting on stage, I want to spread the energy of tuning into “The Good Vibration Station” and I am also doing a daily YouTube video, “365 Days Till Now.”

8. If people want to find you, where is the best place for them to do so?

E-mail:  stepforwardcoaching@gmail.com
Website:  www.step-forward-coaching.com
YouTube Channel: StepForwardCoaching “365 Days Till Now”